Tea is the way offers a small and carefully selected of fine, hand-picked Teas from the remote highlands of Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Silver TIPS

Silver Tips are hand-picked, limited to just a few hundred kilos per year. The delicate leaves are velvety to the touch and they produce a pale liquor tinged with yellow hues. Their flavor is light and subtle.



This smooth and mild Tea brings balance and steadiness to heart rhythms and promotes good sleep patterns.  The autumn harvest has yielded Tea with golden tips, resulting in the inspired appellation: Nepalese Gold.



Through our offerings of rare and delicate Teas, we hope to to help support environments of awareness, relaxation, and abundance through shared Tea, conversation, and laughter.

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We are a small team working with growing partners that we know personally. Our partners produce fine, hand-picked and dried teas in the heart of Sri Lanka and in other enchanting locations in Southeast Asia.

We take great pride in our products. Tea is the Way currently offers a limited selection of rare, high-quality Teas. Sample them both and tell us what you think?