7 Reasons Why Tea Drinkers Are Special

Ania Gruca

Tea Drinkers Are Special Because

1. They have patience—they know it takes time for tea to develop its flavor.

2. They look for the deeper magic—in a world where coffee is seen as king, tea is the magician with the blue and silver cloak stirring, stirring, stirring a pot from which steam rises in fantastical shapes creating the magic of possibility. We dream our lives awake in those moments of calm when we sip our tea in solitude and contemplate what is and what is possible.

3. They love connection—whether with themselves or with others, tea drinkers know the value of amicable communion, communion that is so different from the hyper connection that a coffee buzz gives you, something precious is shared about belonging in the world and to one another.

4. They notice subtlety—tea, on the whole, can be quite subtle and so it takes a certain kind of sensitivity to notice and appreciate the inherent subtleties of tea. This quality also makes tea drinkers notice those things that might just pass right by those that are busy and pre-occupied.

5. They enjoy the finer things in life—they know that sipping tea is an art as much as it is a comfort.

6. They are individualists—they are not scared to buck the trend and do their own thing.  When the whole world says "Coffee!" they're not scared to say "Tea, please!"

7. They are playful—they like to experiment with all kinds of different combinations and flavors. They are not afraid to try something new. 

So, if you ever had a hunch that drinking tea bestows an extra little magic and sparkle to your life, you were right.

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