A Meditation + An Invitation (Scorpio)

Ania Gruca

Scorpio represents intensity, power, and egoic regeneration; In the Tarot, it is ruled by the card Death.

Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, the planet of evolution, reform, and death; in the Tarot, it is ruled by Judgement.

Death asks us: “How can we better align with the process of transformation to ease the path to personal renewal? What weight needs to be let go in order to do that?”

Judgment asks us: “Where are we being called to action to change our view of life for the better?”



//Photo produced by Eddie Negrón//


Refined Inner-Fire:

If you are able to, write a list of what you want to release and safely burn it. As you watch the list burn state in your own way how the contents no longer have power over you.




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