A Meditation + An Invitation

Ania Gruca


Libra is a cooperative, idealistic, and sociable sign, in the Tarot it is ruled by the card, Justice.


As the second sign ruled by Venus, it is also ruled by the card, The Empress


Justice asks us, “how can we remain honest with ourselves so that we can understand where we are giving away our power to others?” 


The Empress asks us, “ how can we make more space in our days to fill them with sweetness?” 



A Collaborative Embrace


Gather with your friends physically. If you are able to, make something small and sweet to share with your group or any food you would want to share. 


Join in a circle. After each person has received a portion, have each person write a list of 10 things that they love about the person next to them titling it with “to” the person and writing who it is “from”. So, to x from y.


 When everyone is finished with that, everyone will write a list of 10 things they love about themselves. Again following the to/from format. So, to yourself from yourself.


Pass your notes to the left. The person next to you then reads both the notes you wrote. That way each person acknowledges the love someone else has for them and the love that the other person has for themselves. You then eat your sweets among yourselves.  


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