December's Teacup of the Month

Ania Gruca

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Our teacup of the month was chosen by Eddie . Read on to see why he selected this cup.

When choosing a cup, I decided on this one because of the design aesthetic. I was initially drawn to the lavender, cream, and iridescent gold color, but what I think sealed it for me was the shape and its otherworldly look. The oceanic, tooth, and shell-like appearance. 

Tea for me is something that was drunk in the home, but what I retain the most, in memories, are two renderings of tea-drinking: Alice in Wonderland and the sage drinking tea. It simultaneously makes me think of a playful rendition where tea can transport me to a lighter effervescent place and also the act of communing with liquefied earth.

For me, this teacup represents the possibility of experiencing both and bringing fun stories into everyday life through a practice of nourishment.


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