Happy New Moon in Cancer!

Ania Gruca


We are finally in our Summer season here in New England! On June 21st we stepped through the doorway of the beloved Summer Solstice to welcome the watery, sentient and expressive sign of Cancer. In Astrology Cancer’s ruler is the Moon and like Cancerian emotions, the Moon wanes and waxes, filling itself up to then empty itself out. As the Moon shifts phases it can teach us to embrace and trust all parts of our growth process; it can teach us how to wholesomely respect the pace it takes to get to a place of fullness time after time.


As a sign that is also concerned with kin, the home, and the past, Cancer develops itself to find security, but it also moves past the self to develop and bond with the voices and growth of others. Showing true compassion for their family(born or found), Cancer seeks to nurture and create a sacred home inside themselves while also holding sacred space for others.


 At this apex of the year, where our Sun has reached its maximum brilliance, this New Moon will coincide with a Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses hold an incredible potency that will help propel us forward into the next few months of the year. This New Moon and this Eclipse are calling us to reflect how far we have come in the past 6 months. It asks, what have we overcome? How have we grown? And how can we celebrate our accomplishments, big or small, that we have reached for and attained? As Mercury goes retrograde on the 7th and retraces it steps back into Cancer, the New Moon theme of reflection is carried over and is amplified as we are asked to tie up the loose ends of any projects we may have been working on in June, so that we can better prepare for our journey forward.


Lemon Drop


An enchanting confection out of your purest imagination!


This tea features our family of sweet-lemon-scented herbs like our 

lemon balm + lemon thyme + lemongrass + lemon peel + turmeric and ginger for a zing!

The Summer Solstice is a magical portal that brings the flourishing warmth of the Sun! At its current peak in the sky, it cascades its light and can remind us of the wisdom we have through our inner-fire. Our Lemon Drop tea nourishes the digestive system and energizes the Solar Plexus through the combination of our citrusy herbs and warming spices. This combination brings a sense of balance to our center that aids the distribution of energy throughout the entire body, helping to optimize its potential. 


Our Lemon Drop tea is made of three lemonlike herbs: lemon balm + lemon thyme + lemongrass. But the main feature of this tea is the lemon balm coming from the cool and refreshing mint family! Lemon balm’s latin name, Melissa officinalis, means honeybee in greek; a beautiful symbol of honey’s golden and sun-like shimmer infused into the tea. 


Aside from its history as an herb with a solar background, lemon balm is a great antiviral herb commonly used to treat colds, flus, indigestion, to gently calm the nervous system and to soothe the effects of stress and insomnia. As an herb that is recommended for gastrointestinal cramping and upsets, lemon balm works well with the gut. The gut is a part of the enteric system and has been seen as the second brain because of the 100 million nerve endings found there and the fact that 95% of serotonin is produced there. So, it is easy to see why a happy gut makes for better moods.


In addition to our lemony herbs, we have the warming and stimulating properties of our local ginger + turmeric that help circulation in the digestive system. We stock our very own from our friends at Old Friends Farm in Amherst, MA. Like lemon balm, ginger helps with colds and flus, but is also great for nausea and motion sickness. As tasty anti-inflammatories, these roots make great compliments to your everyday diet, whether its for the alleviation of an athlete’s soreness or everyday aches, their anti-inflammatory properties make powerful allies.  

We hope that you enjoy our Lemon Drop tea and find it as delicious as the lemon drop candy itself!

// A N  I N V I T A T I O N + A  M E D I T A T I O N //

Cancer is the sign of the nurturer, maturity, the family, and the home; in the tarot it governs over the card, The Chariot.

Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, the planet of feelings, intuition and  embodiment that colors our world with our ability to empathize and relate; in the tarot it rules the card, The High Priestess. 

The Chariot asks us, “What obstacles have we championed and what milestones can we celebrate on our path to personal maturation?”

The High Priestess asks us, “How can we develop a greater awareness of our intuition so that we can more deeply align with a connection to our emotions?” 

This New Moon and Eclipse in Cancer is a time of processing, enjoyment, releasing, connecting, and being. They invite us to embrace our personal growth and move into our personal sovereignty.

Aqueous Connections: 


The meditation for this month is as simple as it is rich. Draw a bath, go to a beach, lake, pool, or river and just immerse yourself in the rejuvenating and engulfing body of water. Let yourself be suspended and have your weight held. 


Alternatively, if you are not able to do those things, find a position sitting or lying down. Visualize a gentle waterfall moving from your head down to your toes. Imagine whatever thought that moves into your mind is flowing away with the washing water. This can be done prior to falling asleep or at bedtime to ease you into a state of tranquility. 

//Writing/Astro-Tarot reading by Eddie Negrón//

We hope this New Moon newsletter finds you well!

As always
T E A + L I G H T !
Tea is the way

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