Happy New Moon in Leo!

Ania Gruca

Welcome to the shiny, magnanimous season of the regal lion and to our second New Moon of the month, the Black New Moon! This Cancer season brought with it two trying and intense eclipses and a Mercury retrograde that challenged us to confront our past, integrate our shadow, and level up. Moving into Leo season, we reach our fullest and most radiant embodiment. With today marking the end of Mercury retrograde, this New Moon allows us to weave together our recent reflections so that we can transform into our brightest and most beautifully authentic selves. Without a doubt, lively Leo season tells us to forget any shame, indulge our wild side and celebrate the full volume of our being! 

Leo is a fixed-fire sign that asks us reach for our most magnificent imaginings, to be bold, to honor the divine that flows through us, and to express the creativity that comes with our uniqueness. We can honor this sign by working from a place of full-heartedness, from a place that honors all our creations and all the cosmos that emanate around us at every moment. This sign asks us to honor our loved ones by being outspoken about our affections for them, to embrace each moment of life with a burning passion, and to be open to receive it as an immense gift.

Like the Sun and it’s golden rays, Leo season wants you vibrate at your highest frequency. It wants you to stay loyal to your self-worth. It wants you to feel your immeasurable value in the depth of your heart so that you may truly elevate to your highest and most exuberant self. With the Sun, this New Moon, Venus, Mars, and as of the 11th of August, Mercury in Leo, this upcoming month wants you to be prideful, to see how absolutely special you are, and to soak in all your divineness! 


Golden Sun


Allow your inner-body to be filled with abundant energy + light. 


Our Golden Sun tea features our autumn-harvested Nepalese gold + a blend of calendula blossoms + lightening lemongrass + cooling hibiscus + sweet orange peel + ginger!


The Golden Sun blend was carefully crafted to help you energetically call back your shine and your glow from all the places you may have left them. To be brilliant is to embrace your own sense of inner-power. As you sip on our honey-tasting summer tea, visualize your vibrancy and glow returning to you as a bright golden light.

Our Golden Sun blend is highlighted by the invigorating taste of Lemongrass, an herb originating in India and common to asian cooking; this is a citrusy grass that is wonderful for anxiety and stress. 


Elevating the flavor of this delicious tea is the sweet taste of orange peel and ginger. These two plant allies help to provide good feelings to your gut by helping you assimilate the nutrients from your meals. They will surely add a boost to your inner-sun! In this supportive tea we also have the vitamin c-rich and antioxidant-rich hibiscus providing a cool sensation, that additionally aids the performance of the circulatory system and helps you stay hydrated. 


To top it all off, this blend features one of our specialty autumn harvested golden tips, Nepalese Gold. This smooth and light tea brings balance and steadiness to the heart, assists the body to gently cleanse the bloodstream and promotes healthy sleep patterns. 


We hope you enjoy this golden elixir and let it feed your inner-shine!


//Writing Ania Gruca and Eddie Negron//

// A N  I N V I T A T I O N + A  M E D I T A T I O N //


Leo is the sign of the regal and fierce lion, the performer, the ego and the eternal fire; in the tarot it is ruled by the card, Strength.


Leo is also ruled by the Sun, the planet of creation, generosity and where our being shines through; in the tarot it is ruled by the card, The Sun.


Strength asks us: “Where can we lay down our defenses to come into the world softly and with hope, so that we can illuminate our passions proudly?”


The Sun asks us: “How can we invite more joy into our lives so that we can bask in the wonderous and playful vitality that the universe provides?” 


Creative Celebration //


If you are able, write a list of 10 things that you have brought into creation since this time last year. They can be big or small. These things can be ideas, an artwork, a new routine, a new phase in life. Then write why you are proud of yourself for bringing these things into creation and into life. 


//Writing/Astro-Tarot reading by Eddie Negrón//


Be gentle with yourself and enjoy this time without any guilt. Truly embrace yourself and let the sun shine down onto you!


As always

T E A + L I G H T !

Tea is the way




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