Happy New Moon in Libra!

Ania Gruca

On Septemeber 23rd we entered the autumnal equinox in New England and were welcomed into the graceful, impartial, and refined airs of Libra Season. With our days divided equally between light and dark, Libra Season offers a time to understand how to strike a balance in our lives. This cardinal air sign is motivated by all things surrounding relationships. Being swept away by its aesthetic whims and prizing all things opulent, Libra is a sign that appreciates a sense of harmony that is not only visual but is also interpersonal. It teaches that the crux of any thriving relationship is being able to mediate the exchange of energy between what you need from yourself and what your partnerships need from you. 


As the only sign in the zodiac represented by an object (the scales), Libra prefers to remain idle, biding its time and sifting through its many perspectives until it comes to a well-thought-out decision. As a dual air sign ruled by Venus, it weighs its desire to develop its higher-moral-conscious with its desires to indulge in the sensuous material world.  This New Moon will join the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Libra, where we are invited to examine how the choices we made in the past have affected our current situation and how the choices we make today can positively affect our futures. As the light of the Sun wanes and we begin to spend more time indoors, this New Moon will continue to move through its cycles, asking us to move deeper into ourselves where we can begin cultivating a sense of inner equilibrium. 

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