Happy New Moon in Scorpio!

Ania Gruca

H A P P Y  N E W  M O O N  I N  S C O R P I O

Heralding the season of death and rebirth, we are invited to the scorched lands of Scorpio. Stripped back and raw, this is a time to shed the layers of emotional debris that keep us confined and restricted from a renewed sense of self. Scorpio willfully takes the plunge into the enshrouded and uncharted territories of the psyche, diving deeper and deeper in order to excavate the ingredients to concoct an elixir for their own regeneration.

Where others find a barren landscape scattered with ashes, Scorpio sees the true source where growth can take place, again. Peeling back our layers, Scorpio’s energy eviscerates the separateness that prevents us from being a clear conduit to our higher self. This season brings out the survivor in us. It brings out the self-empowered and divine-beings in us that have exfoliated so many past selves to only become better versions of ourselves in the process.

While the veil continues to thin as we approach Samhain on the 31st, we encounter the beginning of Mercury stationing retrograde. This retrograde will take us through the 20th of November, where our journey through the shadowlands will have us review the lessons of what needs to be cleared from our lives. Until then, with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio, this New Moon is a psychospiritual bloodletting of the toxins we store in our body, our memories, our possessions, and our relationships. As we set our seeds of intention today, we are invited to rise again from the compost of our old wounds so that we can collectively go through our transformative rebirth.


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