Happy New Moon in Virgo!

Ania Gruca

H A P P Y   N E W   M O O N   I  N   V I R G O

Departing from the wellspring of creativity, joviality, and warmth that is Leo, we shift to a different tempo in discerning, industrious and self-assured Virgo season. While Virgo still retains the level of creativity that Leo abundantly ushers in, it is handled differently and channeled through a sense of service in this mental-earth sign. As the second sign ruled under Mercury, Virgo is without a doubt cerebral; but as an earth sign, it functions more like a conduit: transmuting theories, ideas, and visions into tangible and concrete forms.


Having the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and as of today, the New Moon in Virgo, this season welcomes us to create and align with the systems that refine and make the most of what we have. It asks us to be resourceful, organized, and structured. It invites us to take a step back when needed and be observant so that we are better able to embody gratitude and put it into action by giving a little more to our bodies, the work we surround ourselves with, and the awareness we give to our daily routines. Additionally, Uranus has stationed retrograde in Taurus from the 11th of August until January 10th, 2020 making this an auspicious time to turn inward, receive insights from our inner-voice and find innovations for issues relating to money, possessions and reevaluating our connection to the earth. 


With Jupiter in Sagittarius recently stationing direct on the 11th, this Virgo season is charged with the faith to expand away from the minutiae and see how everything is fitting together. As we continue our transition through the astrological wheel and towards the autumnal equinox, this season is an opening to take the luminous spark we received in Leo season and continue to grow it. The time we invest in the details of each day adds up and Virgo can see all of the parts and weave them together so that they coalesce into an elegant tapestry of their making. This New Moon provides a refresh so that you can take stock of your inventory and set intentions to create something that is truly worthwhile.


Blue Dream

The cloudless blue sky awaits you, a manifestation of bliss and clarity. Find yourself with a calming cup of sweet tulsi, our delicate silver tips and a touch of lavender.


Our Blue Dream tea features a blend of tulsi + milky oat tops + silver tips + blue cornflower + lavender!


Delicately blended together with soothing intentions, our Blue Dream helps to bring quiet to the chattering of the mind and leaves you with rejuvenating tranquility. Filled with our toothsome Tulsi, a native adaptogenic herb from Southeast Asia, this tonic helps to melt away stress and bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit. 


Further aiding the path to ease you back into your body, our tea includes the deliciously sweet and cooling taste of our nutritious milky oat tops. These oat tops are harvested during the milky stage, which means when squeezed produce the sticky white sap that helps adrenal fatigue. A nervine rich in minerals and trace nutrients, the swaying milky oat tops nourish an overstressed nervous system from symptoms of depression, inviting us to anchor into our innate resilience. 


While our milky oat tops provide nutritive support, our silver tips give a mouth-watering kick. Going through a minimal process of being plucked and dried through sunlight, the silver tips are a beautiful and prized low-caffeine white tea that retains its high antioxidant levels. Accompanied by fragrant lavender of the mint family, our Blue Dream tea helps to bring you peace and clarity.


We hope you enjoy this tea and that it helps to bring you inner-calm.


//Writing Ania Gruca and Eddie Negron//


// A N  I N V I T A T I O N + A  M E D I T A T I O N //


Virgo is an analytical, methodological and ritualistic sign. In the tarot, it is ruled by the card, The Hermit.


As the second sign ruled by Mercury it is also ruled by the card, The Magician.  


The Hermit asks us: “Where can we withdraw from the noise of our everyday life to realign with a sense of meaningful purpose?”


The Magician asks us: “How can we effectively use what we have cultivated through the summer to prepare us for the Autumn season?”


Mindful Evaluation // 

 From the many things you have accumulated, are there things that you no longer need? Is there something you can donate, give away, or throw away? 


As we move away from the summer into the fall, we can allow ourselves to refocus our attention on what matters most to us by reducing the clutter around it. If you are able to, condense a part of your life to expand the connection you have with the things you choose to keep. 


//Writing/Astro-Tarot reading + photo  by Eddie Negrón//

//Decks used: Supra Oracle, Neo Tarot, Veleda Oracle, She-Wolf Tarot, Sacred Symbols Oracle//


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