November's Teacup of the Month

Ania Gruca

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Our teacup of the month was chosen by Colin. Read on to see why he selected this cup.

Fold your hands around this delicate cup as the days grow shorter, the air grows colder, the autumnal colors deepen and finally, even they give way to winter's bare essentials.
This is the season to reflect on the fine things, the subtle things, the essential things in life while you sip a cup of smooth, warm, clear, deep Camellia sinensis. This cup recalls something about the soul—its lightness, its fineness, its capacity to hold things, its strength in spite of its fragile appearance.


The soul is light as a feather, richly colored as this feather and yes, strong too. The clay used for this cup is called Jade Porcelain and it has a smooth, soft feel but don't be fooled by its fragile appearance for it is stronger than bone china!

To stand a chance to win this delicate beauty please share with us what brings you bliss during the colder days of fall.



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