Teacup of the Month: December

Ania Gruca

This month’s teacup of the month has been chosen by Lara. Read below for why she chose it and if you would like a chance to win it, click here.


The Story Behind Our Cup of the Month

(as written by Lara)


I normally like old fashioned porcelain cups with delicate patterns but when I saw this cup it immediately spoke to me. There is something so beautiful about its simplicity. I have not held this cup in my hands but its shape feels so inviting.

Some of our teas unfurl slowly and beautifully as they steep and I think a clear cup like this one is perfect to use because it will allow us to breathe and gaze and reflect on the magic of a plant's essence becoming part of us.

Then this cup also evokes the wish for clarity that is ever-present in my life. It's so easy to lose sight of what is really important in life but there are two reliable ways that I can always count on to restore my clarity, one is taking a step away from the problem at hand by doing an activity that is completely unrelated to the situation and the other is to meditate. 

Whenever possible I like to do both concurrently—meditate and have a cup of tea nearby to sip during or afterward. In this way, tea has become part of a sacred ritual.

As I am approaching the new year I want to be mindful of doing everything with as much clarity and presence of mind and heart as possible. I always want to remember why I am doing anything I am doing.

So, if you resonate with these sentiments, I encourage you to enter the drawing. And I wish for you, simplicity and clarity as you enter the new year. 

Remember to Enter the Drawing here.

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