Two For Tea

Ania Gruca

This month’s teacup of the month has been chosen by Ania. Read below for why she chose it.

Our winner of this month's drawing was Kim. 

Congratulations Kim and thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. Remember to enter next month because you never know when the cup of the month is destined for you!


Teacup of the Month: Two for Tea


When I started to think of picking a teacup for someone, I immediately started to think about just that, having to share this teacup with someone. The ritual of making tea in my household was always about sharing tea together. No one just made themselves tea, it was a family affair. So I found difficulty in choosing just one for our winner, envisioning them perhaps having a cup with a friend or loved one.

Reflecting that this new moon is in Libra, the sign that rules beauty, love, relationships and the balance between them, my instincts were pointing me in the right direction.  I came across a pair of teacups, with a beautiful deep pink and grey wheat pattern, a blushing pink inside with scalloped gold edges. Vintage Bone China made in England from the 40s. They were so unique and more simple than most other vintage teaware from this era. The wheat and grasses are displaying an elegance differing from typical florals. A lot of attention is held in the details of this pair of cups. I can almost picture the gentle sway of grains in a meadow—as a polish immigrant, grasses and grains bring me back to the fields of my ancestors. This week also marks the autumn equinox and which is represented by the harvest. What better representation than these cups. This pair seemed like the perfect gift for one of our readers! They are so beautiful and unique and must be shared.  So in true Libra fashion, enjoy a cup with a loved one this month and enter the drawing to enjoy this little set. 


If you've read all the way to the end of this story then you definitely should enter the drawing. Who knows, maybe these cups are meant for you! 


 Wishing you a wonderful month and happy autumn!



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