Have a Truly Teasome* Holiday

Ania Gruca


For those of us who love Christmas, decorating the Christmas tree can evoke the exuberant, happy, magical days of childhood. And that is perhaps why we decorate the tree—to get in touch with our childhood selves and the vibrant energy of that time.

As good as happy energy is, there is something to be said for bringing in the meditative energy of tea into the festive season too. As we all know, the holidays can feel stressful and busy as we are trying to do everything—decorate the tree, buy the presents, plan the Christmas dinner, etc.
But there is a simple solution to this busyness and it starts with brewing a pot of tea and inviting yourself to sit and sip and gaze at the lights and ornaments on your tree and feel yourself exhale and sink into the wonder of the lights and the colors, just like a child.
Then, get curious about your sense of wonder. How might you be able to come into the wonder of each moment and see with new eyes and be alive to the beauty of the world around you the rest of the year?
They say that we can more easily change a habit if we associate the new habit with something that we already do, like you can come into the habit of drinking your vitamins if you put them next to your toothbrush which you already touch every day.
So perhaps you already drink a cup of soothing, herbal tea before bedtime. Can you, while it's the holiday season sip while letting your eyes gaze on the tree? And maybe in January you can sip and look at something else that is beautiful and magical? And so sipping tea can be the portal into a puddle of time where you can allow yourself to just be free from adult worries and thoughts.
How about making an altar of sorts near a space where you can comfortably sit and sip your tea. If you change it every lunar month, you can create a theme for the month and add objects that speak to you. As you meditate on those objects and what they mean your creativity will be sparked on and that is one simple way that we can truly start to reenchant our lives. 

Happy Christmas Tree Decorating

from all of us at Tea Is The Way

May the festive season be truly Teasome*


*Teasome (adj.) Like "awesome" but only better. 



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