(3/20) Group Sound Meditation // Gregorio 

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(3/20) Group Sound Meditation // Gregorio 
MARCH 20 // 6:15 - 8pm
Group sound meditations are an opportunity to experience what the theta brain state has to offer you. For some this may come as a lucid dream like state for others a relaxing power nap. A mixture of drumming, throat singing, flute, didgeridoo, singing bowl, and guitar will be used to create an immersion in sound. Tones and drum rhythms that have been used in shamanistic practices for thousands of years are now understood as having the capacity to move the mind into the theta state. So come sit, relax, and resonate with the healing music of Gregorio as he leads us in a group sound meditation.

Come enjoy some tea provided by Tea Is The Way before the Sound healing starts promptly at 6:30. We hope you can join us! 
* Our classes are held at our studio in the Lydia Pinkham building //271 western ave Lynn, MA. An email will be sent with details! 
- Gregorio grew up in spiritual and musical family, in which playing instruments was a normal part of life. He built his first didgeridoo out of a PVC tube with the help of his father in the 4th grade. When he was in high school he began playing didgeridoo near his friends backs and their unique experiences and excitement for more led him on a path of discovery. Originally going to school at Johnson State to study Massage Therapy and Alternative Medicine he took some classes with Eileen McKusick and learned how sound can affect the human bio-energy field. In a synthesis of time, passion, and curiosity Gregorio has developed a system of sound healing he has been sharing with groups of people since 2012.
As well as leading ground sound meditations Gregorio presents cacao celebrations with song and dance, drum circles, group didgeridoo classes, expressive movement, and Qi-Gong. Gregorio has been teaching in the MA public school system for 8 years and incorporates skills and strategies from his professional development and daily experience to engage audiences and help them acquire new path towards self-empowerment. 
Gregorio is passionate about music, nature, capoeira, gymnastic training,poetry, street art, writing, dance, Qi-Gong, journaling, warm cups of tea, good conversations, and community.

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