Traditional Teas

Also called Camellia Sinensis 

All Traditional Teas, whether it’s black, oolong, green, white, or pu-erh, come from the tea plant, officially called Camellia Sinensis. In the same way that different grape varieties and processing styles yields different wines, different tea-leaf varieties based on geographic region, climate, soil, and processing techniques, yields different types of teas. 

In general, the more oxidized the tea is, the darker the infusion will be. 

White tea and Green tea, are the lightest varieties with the color matching the leaves on the plant. They are the least oxidized.

Oolong tea, is medium color and strength, known for its flowery notes and complex, autumnal flavor. They are mildly oxidized.

Black tea and Pu-erh tea, are the darkest and strongest-tasting variety due to their lengthy oxidation time.