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Orange Oolong Tea

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Orange Oolong Tea

This tea is mixed and then dried, bound inside an orange rind shell, infusing the essence of the fruit and the tea together to create a flavor like no other tea. A top-of-the-line Asian tea fruit blend.

Big Leaf Oolong / hand picked, small batch, artisan-ed on site / caffeinated taste // citrus smooth, long flavor and when steeped properly, not overbearing 

Brewing: 1 tbsp of leaves (3g) at 212 degrees for 3-4 minutes, per cup of water (12 fl oz, 355 mL).

Gong Fu steeping style: 1 tbsp / 4oz. of water / 212 degrees F / flash steep 10sec, 30sec, 50sec keep going with your intuitive sense / use a Gaiwan (Ming dynasty style brewing bowl)

Quantity: 1.5 oz. 42 grams. 

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