Here at Tea is the Way we feel life is more than just a perfect cup of tea. We drink well being and want to share with you. We strive to be local with our own homegrown herbs as well as those grown by local farmers. Tea is the Way crafts and sources high quality tea and tisanes. You will likely notice the difference in our quality by both body and color.
Ania Gruca
The Mother of Tea is the Way
Ania Gruca comes to Tea is the Way with her extensive knowledge of herbalism and artistic vision. She is our blending master, crafting for both health and flavor. Her dream of supplying New England with locally grown herbal teas is now a reality. Ania is a graduate of the Gaia school of healing in Vermont as well as a graduate of Montserrat college of art.
Colin Bragdon
The Yogi of Tea is the Way
Colin Bragdon is a meditation teacher who started Tea is the Way because he feels tea is yet another form of meditation. Living in Asia for a prolonged period of time allowed him to grasp and come to appreciate eastern practices and beliefs. He is a graduate of NYU.