Plant Spirit Meditations // Mugwort

There is a subtle magic available to all of us. With the right keys we can unlock this magic. The key I’m talking about is multi-dimensional. It exists here in this physical realm but it goes much deeper than that and exists in the emotional, mental and spiritual realms as well.

When we partake in the essence of a plant in a space that has been cleared of all other influences and energies, the plant can talk to us on the deepest levels and unlock mysteries of our being heretofore hidden to us.

For those who are prepared to slow down, lean in, and sip slowly and let the insights unfold this can be a journey like no other.

Join Ania for a mystical meditation and shamanic encounter with Mugwort.

Recommended Materials:

  • Journal and pen
  • Eye mask
  • Comfortable, loose-fitting, warm clothes.

Registration is required for this event and space is limited so we encourage you to sign up now :


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