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Tea is the way

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Custom Gift Basket



Give the gift of artisanal & locally made products this holiday season. Our baskets are curated with our favorite teas in eco friendly and reusable packaging. Thank you for supporting + buying local this holiday season! 


Tewksbury Honey is family-owned, and brings forth the most delicious, all-natural, raw local honey from bees who have bumbled through the flowers of Tewksbury, Andover & Bradford, Massachusetts. Tewksbury Honey has won the Good Food award twice, 17’ & 19, and in 2019 was recognized with a Good Flavor Award. Our baskets feature their spring or autumn jars.

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The Roasted Granola is located in Arlington, MA, where they serve freshly blended granola at their cafe every day. Their granola is slow roasted and turned by hand, using in-season ingredients sourced from local suppliers.


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Somerville Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate making business located in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Chocolate is made in extremely small batches of no more than 120 bars. This year’s offering features  cacao beans from Hawaii that are partnered with vegan sugar from organic / fair trade farms. Yummy!


Peter Grams Pottery

Grams grew up on a farm in Michigan and was first introduced to clay when he found a bag of dry clay as a 10-year-old boy. He started making pottery in 1967 and currently has a large studio in Lynn, MA. His works can be found at significant historical landmarks throughout the state of Massachusetts and New England, and are recognizable by their brightly colored glazes and round, full-bellied shapes.


Our packaging is 100% biodegradable, made from post consumer recycled paper and plastic wrap designed to disintegrate. We favor ribbon made from burlap, rafia, and fabric. Our baskets can be reused as planters and containers for your home! Thank you for choosing eco friendly this holiday!