(10/01) Plant Spirit Meditations : Mugwort // Ania Gruca

Tea is the way

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(10/01) Plant Spirit Meditations : Mugwort // Ania Gruca

Oct 1, 6:30-7:30pm

This will be part of a series of classes lead to help you develop a more intimate relationship between plants as medicinal and spiritual allies. 

Join us on a journey to connect to the plant spirit. We will be drinking tea as we are lead through a drumming meditation, followed by a chance to share our experiences as a group. Bring a notebook if you'd like to write and reflect on your journey. No prior experience is necessary. Come with an open heart and mind to connect with the plant as our teacher. 

*Registration is required for this event and space is limited so we encourage you to sign up now!

About Ania // 

Ania Gruca is a polish born woman teaching and fascilitating in the wise woman tradition on the shores of a coastal town in Beverly MA. Ania has deep roots connecting with her traditions of lineage in herbalism and folk medicine. She is the founder of her own buissness Thirteen Moons Healing, supporting clients and community through sacred plant medicine, energy and body work. She is co-founder of the North Shore Herbal Network, an intiative to start a community of herbalists and enthusiasts about the many aspects of plants on the north shore in Massachusetts. Currently Ania is co visioning her company Tea is the Way, creating herbal tea blends focused on supporting local, organic and sustainable agriculture with teas and a brand that inspires a healthy outlook in sync with connecting with ourselves and nature.

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