Silver Tips

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Silver Tips, commonly known as White Tea, is a very rare Ceylon tea, limited to just a few hundred kilos per year. Understandably, it is one of the most expensive teas. The production process is meticulous: a small, experienced team hand-picks the buds from select bushes. The tiny crop is then placed in raw silk pouches and spread over black flannel surfaced trays for drying. Silver Tips are velvety to the touch and produce a pale liquor tinged with yellow hues. Their flavor is delicate and subtle, a rare, sophisticated indulgence!


Provenance: Sabaragamuwa Region, Sri Lanka. Grown approximately 367 meters above sea level

Quantity: 25g (.88oz), which yields a minimum of 75 cups (355mL, 12fl oz). Instructions for brewing: Brew at 203 degrees for 3-5 minutes, 2g per cup. You can re-use up to 5 times.