(3/8) Tea and Qi-Gong // Gregorio

Tea is the way

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(3/8) Tea and Qi-Gong // Gregorio

MAR 8 // 9 - 10:15 am


Tea and Qi-Gong is a perfect combination to start your mornings, both with deep roots in Chinese health practices. Qi means “life energy” and Gong means “work”, so Qi-Gong translates to “working with life energy”.

There are many different paths of qi-gong, but the goal is always to move into more harmony.  This class will begin with drinking some tea, community time, and a discussion about qi-gong. After enjoying some tea we will begin with some breath work and focusing on returning to our natural belly breathing. Then we will practice connecting the breath with graceful body movements.

The class will end with a self energy clearing using your hands to sweep, rub, and drum. Each class will cover new movements and different Qi-Gong forms will be taught over time.  Come create a healthy community of people passionate about health, warm cups of tea, and magical mornings.          

This class will be covering basic concepts of Qi-Gong:

  • Proper breathing Mechanics
  • Body alignment
  • Relaxed movement
  • Embodied Joy

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